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Smart gloves converts sign language into audio speech invented by a 25-year-old Kenyan

As the society consists of hearing impaired, deaf-mute that relies on sign language this technology is a way to better communicate with them. Roy Allelas a 25 year-old Kenyan invented this technology. It started when he was inspired to help his niece who was born deaf which is hard to Read More


Wifi Vendo Internet Bandwidth Workaround

Default Bandwidth Per User Upon first connection, the user is assigned with the default bandwidth for upload and download in kilobits per second. To change the default bandwidth per user, login to web admin interface of the machine and go to Bandwidth > Speed Limter tab. Modifying bandwidth for individual user To change the bandwith Read More


Passive Income: Wifi Vending

Have you heard about Piso net machines ? Have you already engage/invested with it ? What is the strengths for piso nets and its weaknesses ? These are some questions on vending machine. Recently i just invested with Wifi vending machine with a month long money saving and brainstorming I Read More