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Grace Under Pressure

Uninspired? Lack motivation? Deprived? These are the most common feelings that employees nowadays are experiencing. Let’s admit the fact that in this not-so-perfect-world, the existence of a perfect workplace is as rare as a gem. The feeling of going to work uninspired, demotivated and stressed is an indication that the Read More


7 Traits Beginner Developers should have

If you are new in programming, if you are a student taking up computer programming or a fresh graduate or new in the software development industry, well here are the things you should know: 1. The ability to solve a problem As a programmer, we are expected to generate solutions Read More


Tips for developers in getting a job

Tips for your first interview When you have reached the right age to get a job, one of our struggle is how to survive in our first interview, we do not know what to expect or what are the possible questions. Is the resume, well written? We all have those Read More