How to be consistent and dedicated on what you do?

Good day, recently I have this group of friends who are so hype up with an idea at first it was great because we were able to get our goals on a weekly basis but as we progress and difficulty arises we were not able to catch up the goals we tend to have in mind.

For Instance I have a friend let us name him not his real name MARVIN.

MARVIN who is an IT Professional have so many interests in IT Aspects like for Security – he wants to be an Ethical Hacker, Web Development – he wants to learn Laravel so much because it was in demand as of his own perspective. Wants to build this and that, that was HIM but there was this BUT he was just good at the beginning, later on when he encounter challenges he just don’t want to deal with it unless he just play games.

This example is true mostly of people. Good at the beginning but is not consistent and dedication burned down.

How do we deal when this happens with us?

I’ll give you list how to deal with this mentality.

Actually its all in the mind. What you say in your mind your body will do it. You just have to condition your mind to what you wanted to achieve.


First you should be loving what you do. When you are loving what you do, you can’t tell you just have made a bigger progress on your craft.

Just love what you are doing, explore, and always be hungry for knowledge.

As you progress your craft as hours go by or knowledge has been established you can be call a Master of that Craft.


You just have to re-imagine or recall why you do it in the first place. When you are finish recalling then sight where did you stop in the beginning. You just have to point out what and why it happened. After you have pointed it out, break the PROBLEM into small problem so that you’ll resolve it chunk by chunk. That’s how CEO of Tesla and SpaceX vision is get the problem and chunk it that’s how he handles things.

Remember what make you excited, pumped-up about the idea you were doing. Focus on completing your goal and not abandoning it.

Purpose is that sense that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that we are needed, that we have something better ahead to work for. Purpose is what creates true happiness.

Mark Zuckerberg


Like Marvin he was not able to utilize the Problem Solving Skills. I’d be recommending Marvin to look on the bigger picture and why his problem occurred in the first place and what did he do to make it happen. Make a trial and errors if you are new to what you do. There are many references you can check out in the internet. Always look for answers, when you can’t find any that’s the time you ask for and expert about that.

The solution also lies when you correctly define the problem.

Explore all aspects on the solution don’t just quit when challenge arises.

If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.

Elon Musk


When you have found out a solution or so just do it.

Don’t just rely on the opinion of others. Resolve it by Doing it, that is the key point on being consistent and dedicated.

Actions is an essential tool to be navigating what you go through.

Have an action in solving a problem.

Have an action in your Career path.

Have an action in your added skills.

Having an ACTION is the Secret Key for being CONSISTENT AND DEDICATED Always.

Not just at the beginning but as you progress with your life.

“Do it and it well be paid off”

Zecel Manatad

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  1. Marvin says:

    This is really helpful to me, thanks for this article.

  2. Zecel Anthony Manatad says:

    Great hope it will help you

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