Spiderman far away from home MOVIE

The new movie of the Spiderman: Spiderman far away from home

The new trailer of Spiderman had been released.

Let’s breakdown what happened in the trailer.

It started when swing in a exploded building.

Spiderman is being comfortable of his fame for being a hero.

Now starts the journey of Spiderman far away from home he used to have converstion with MJ.

When he was telling about the day with MJ with his bestfriend, his friend was put into sleep with a sleeping dart by Nick Fury, hijacks his vacation.

A new job was given to Peter Parker for putting the bar higher of his responsibility as a hero.

Then a new superhero emerges fighting the enemy in the city. Who should this hero be?

Do you know he is ?

The movie is set to view on cinemas this July 15 after the Marvel Infinity Wars Endgame movie to be released.

What is the role for Spiderman in this Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Is this the new life for Spiderman after Thanos turn half of the populations to dust?

What is your guess?

Lets’s find out when the Spiderman Far Away From home would be released.

credits to: https://screenrant.com/spider-man-2-movie-2019-trailer-release-date-news/


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