You don’t know Game of Thrones

What you know is not what it is.

With the new trailer for the most awaited Season 8 of the most sought HBO Series Game of Thrones:

Here is the trailer for the upcoming Season 8:

There are theories that created for the viewers of Game of Thrones of Seaseon 8. The plot will be setting when the Winter has finally set foot on on Winterfell.

As Winterfell the fortress against the dead or the White Walkers will be fought between the living and the dead. This will tell the story long foretold about battling White Walkers again.

With the new trailer being aired. There were hints that were given but still we can’t tell on what will be happening next.

In the scene were the Starks been united again Sansa, Jon Snow and Arya Stark as they cross the chamber under Winterfell. Jon Snow holding torch to light the chamber. There they have seen statues, first was the claimed mother of Jon Snow, Leana. Hints of feather was falling to the ground and voices saying Jon Snow is truly a Stark, and how he should protect the living. At the end of the scene was their statue with their faces unto the future.

Some theory suspects Jon Snow and Arya will be dead on the Season protecting Winterfell and Sansa will be proclaimed the new Queen.

Bran Stark as he sense the White Walkers approaching near.

We should be prepared for more deaths on the Season.

More White Walkers an Battles to come.

Our theories will be answered as this will be aired on April 2019. We can’t wait for this to come.

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