The Bali of Cebu

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Bali, PHILIPPINES? Bali, WHAT? Is it in Bali, Indonesia? NO! This ravishing place is just located in Lusaran, Cebu City. No need for you to travel outside the Philippines just to captured this spectacular view. Neri’s Ville is here to let you experience that Bali feels.

How to go there?

From Country Mall

Ride a jeep going to Pit-os Talamban(8php)

Drop at Flying V gas Station

Across the gas station, ride a motorcycle going to Lusaran(80php)

*If you have a private car, you can use google map just like we did.

This place is far from the city where you can enjoy the fresh air. Since this place is far, it may take time but this place is worthy. Their crafts were beautifully created. You cannot only enjoy taking pictures with these crafts but also the view of nature. The owner of this ville is very approachable. They also have free water if you are thirsty. I’ll recommend you to visit this place during weekdays, lesser people would visit here than weekends. This place is perfect for your Instagram feed.

Entrance fee is 50php.

This is the entrance.



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