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Astronaut kaba? , kasi you need SPACE

Bakit nga ba ? I NEED SPACE Sa mga kalalakihan ngayon, kinakailangan ba talagang suyuin ang mga kababaihan Ng malupitan Upang silay mahulog sa inyo ng malaliman Para lang silay saktan at iwan Sa ere kasama ang katagang I NEED SPACE Daig niyo pa ang astronaut Kung makahingi kayo ng Read More


Grace Under Pressure

Uninspired? Lack motivation? Deprived? These are the most common feelings that employees nowadays are experiencing. Let’s admit the fact that in this not-so-perfect-world, the existence of a perfect workplace is as rare as a gem. The feeling of going to work uninspired, demotivated and stressed is an indication that the Read More


Cebu 600 Challenge 2018

The grandest endurance challenge is finally coming! Let’s brace ourselves as we welcome Cebu 600 Challenge 2018.This is a challenge that riders and other motorcycle enthusiasts have been waiting for. It is a test of strength, discipline, optimism, determination and endurance. A great requirements for riders to finish the challenge. What Read More


The Bali of Cebu

Bali, PHILIPPINES? Bali, WHAT? Is it in Bali, Indonesia? NO! This ravishing place is just located in Lusaran, Cebu City. No need for you to travel outside the Philippines just to captured this spectacular view. Neri’s Ville is here to let you experience that Bali feels. How to go there? Read More


An Island In The Sky!

Do you need an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city? Or are you looking for a place where the air is as fresh as the morning dew? Well, JVR Island in the Sky is the perfect place for you. This breathtaking place offers a lot of beautiful Read More


Pooling Around the City!

“You’re only one swim away from a good mood.” Want to relax after this tough weekend? Take a break and relieve your stress. Here’s the accessible getaway pool in the city the “Skywater Park”. You’re not only enjoying the pool but also the view since it is located in a Read More


Passive Income: Wifi Vending

Have you heard about Piso net machines ? Have you already engage/invested with it ? What is the strengths for piso nets and its weaknesses ? These are some questions on vending machine. Recently i just invested with Wifi vending machine with a month long money saving and brainstorming I Read More