7 Traits Beginner Developers should have

If you are new in programming, if you are a student taking up computer programming or a fresh graduate or new in the software development industry, well here are the things you should know:

1. The ability to solve a problem

As a programmer, we are expected to generate solutions to the problem. Our clients expects us to be efficient by providing services for their business need. Most of the time, we are the answer to every questions they have in mind, by providing to them a friendly client relationship management.

2. The ability to find a problem

As you have read above, we resolve the problem. You must know and understand the purpose of finding the problem first, you need to determine what are the problems that may possible occur along the way, you may outline this by making a flowchart. Always think ahead, have a one foot forward.

3. The ability to seek help when in need

We must admit, it is not all the time we know the solutions to the problem. There will be days that we do not know how to progress the solution, however we have a team we can always count on. It is not wrong to ask questions or seeking advice from a colleague, it is not called weakness, rather it is called Growing and learning.

4. The ability to share his or her thoughts or ideas

It is okay to share ideas with your colleague or team, it will give you a better solution to the problem. You will hear better ideas, but you must open your mind to other’s opinion. Hence, it is okay as well to share your thoughts, it might be able to help them, if someone won’t take it, it is okay – always have an open mind that everyone has their own perspective, as well. Sharing thoughts will create a greater idea and it will be more time efficient to have somebody around.

5. The ability to learn

DO NOT STOP LEARNING! Technology is changing everyday, problems existing more and more each day. Be open to learn new things, sometimes it is not your comfort zone, sometimes it will not be easy for you. Learning is still fun, getting out of your comfort zone will take you places. You will learn, you might fall along the way – but that’s okay, what matters most are the lessons you have gained. There are might days you will require to learn new language of techniques just to meet client’s expectation. Refer to number one, to solve the problem, in order to fulfil this – you need to learn or you might notice it, you are learning.

6. An attitude to commit mistakes

Mistakes are always there! It is inevitable, no one is perfect, not even a software. Be aware that you will commit mistakes, whether you like it or not, that is the reality. Refer to number five, be prepare to learn, committing mistakes is okay, just learning from it is part of the process. You can always ask if you need to, it is okay. Creating solutions is not easy, mistakes are always there, be prepare for it.

7. The ability to seek growth, ALWAYS

Allow yourself to learn and commit mistakes, this will give you growth. Fail Fast – let’s put this way, in the development stage of a software, the fastest time you will see the errors, the easier you will find out the solutions. This will eventually help you in deciding in the most efficient manner.

The more mistakes you commit, the more things you will learn along the way. This will help you in your decision making in the future. Improve your self-traits until you have mastered on how to deal with every situation. You are just beginning your empire, prepare to conquer the world.


Image credits to https://medium.com/chingu/tips-for-the-beginning-developer-from-a-beginner-developer-b2a5cf736a35

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